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Zoom Sticker Set - Aki Yaguchi

Sticker Set - Aki Yaguchi



To celebrate Melbourne Art Book Fair 2023, NGV collaborated with Melbourne-based artist Aki Yaguchi to create an exclusive range of book-themed products.

Aki Yaguchi is a Japanese/Australian artist and illustrator based in Melbourne. Her art explores the interplay between her heritage and femininity, and is often centred around “Tobu Hime”, or ‘floating girls’; they are the visual representation of Aki’s imagination, a vehicle for her creativity, a mascot for her identity, and a friendly companion. The Tobu-Hime are a sign of good fortune and safety to all those who come across them. Yaguchi’s work spans across multiple mediums, including paintings, drawings, large scale murals, digital works, sculptures, installations, and apparel.


UV laminate - weatherproof and scratch resistant
7 stickers
Made in Melbourne and exclusive to NGV design store

Sticker Set - Aki Yaguchi



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