Toby Pola


The Shock of the New (2016)
(sold out) 

A Brief History of Post Internet Art (2016)
(sold out) 

Ways of Curating (2016)
(sold out)  

The NGV commissioned Melbourne artist Toby Pola to make three sculptural works based on iconic art book jackets for the 2016 Melbourne Art Book Fair.

Toby Pola is known predominantly as a sculptor, creating hand-carved figurative balsa wood sculptures that convey a distinctly raw and dishevelled aesthetic. Replicating the jackets of iconic art historical texts by Robert Hughes and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Pola also creates a series of his own titles, humorously assuming the role of a pseudo-celebrity art critic and philosopher.

The artist describes this particular suite of sculptures as ‘fossilised, mistreated remains of library books, overdue since the 90s and covered with the accretion of damage typical of a bored high schooler.’