Brook Andrew: The Right to Offend is Sacred


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Brook Andrew: The Right to Offend is Sacred unpacks the constantly shifting aesthetics and recurring themes of Brook Andrew’s art practice over his twenty-five-year career. It investigates a mass of the artist’s work, looking at his use of a range of different materials, as well as his absorption with processes of making, revealing that across the trajectory of his oeuvre, the medium is integral to his message.  

Andrew is an interdisciplinary artist renowned for questioning the dominant narratives associated with colonialism and modernist histories. Through museum and archival interventions, he uncovers neglected and often conflicted histories, and proposes alternative interpretations.

This bold and striking publication has been developed in close collaboration with Andrew, an artist who continually reinvents himself. His art defies classification and avoids formulaic repetition and this makes him one of the most exciting international contemporary artists today.