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Zoom Poster - Megacities, Tokyo

Poster - Megacities, Tokyo



This poster featuring a photograph by Mikiko Hara from the Megacities Project has been made in celebration of NGV Triennial 2023.

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Printed on luxury 200gsm Gloss Art with Gloss Varnish
Standard A2 in size measuring 59.4 x 42 cm
Exclusive to NGV design store

About the artwork

‘I would like to leave it up to the people who see my work to decide what will be revealed. I didn’t shoot to trace a pre-prepared story. I don’t even know if it will be revealed through the photographs. There is no easy-to-understand story anywhere. The arc of the story will be drawn by each person who sees the photograph. I want it to be you, not me, who finds anything in a photograph that is only a fragment of obscurity and uncertainty, or between photographs. I feel that the appeal of photography lies in the possibility of capturing things that the photographer did not intend. I just happen to be there and press the shutter.’

Japanese photographer Mikiko Hara uses a 1930s German-made Ikonta camera and takes her photographs without using a viewfinder. She always has her camera with her as she walks the streets of Tokyo and photographs the figures of fleeting passersby, landscapes and ephemeral details that emerge and disappear before her eyes wherever she goes. In those places she has come upon by chance, she quietly releases the shutter. She gambles on the accumulation of chance that is the technique of the snapshot. Hara had her first solo exhibition, Is As It, in Tokyo in 1996, and since then, her works have been shown in numerous exhibitions in Japan and internationally.

Mikiko Hara, Tokyo series, 2023

Poster - Megacities, Tokyo



Megacities is an ambitious project bringing the creative vision of ten leading street photographers into dialogue with the urban environment of ten global megacities – cities with a population of more than 10 million people.

With origins in the 1930s, and the advent of 35-millimetre film and handheld cameras, street photography came into its own as photographers became able to move freely and unobtrusively while taking photographs. The result was a dynamic genre of photography centred on the built environment and the behaviour, activity and experiences of urban populations. Street photography extends the descriptive and didactic capacities of photography to the realm of creative, interactive engagement and reflection, and in this project, offers a contemporary account of how we live.

The work of the ten photographers will feature in a dynamic, immersive environment, presenting a thought-provoking vision of the twenty-first century urban phenomenon – the megacity.

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